Shawn McNulty Art Artist

Art Form 1040: Re-Arted

Housed in a tax-preparation business, the Gallery @ Fox Tax has a new exhibit that's appropriately named "Art Form 1040." But rather than filling out forms creatively (though I bet we would all love to do that), artists have been partnered to collaborate, to "re-art" each other's work by adding new touches to various pieces. Though some participants have teamed up with other local artists in the past, for this show curator Emma Berg has paired exhibitors in duos that have never worked together before. The resulting art is a mash-up of the Minnesota art scene unlike any other. Twenty artists have signed up, and they include Ruben Nusz, Deuce Seven, John Alspach, Bethany Kulk, Shawn McNulty, and Isaac Arvold. - Jessica Armbruster | Citypages

This show runs through April 15th, 2010 at Fox Tax

Birth of man - Shawn McNulty and Isaac Arvold

Birth of Man - A collboration between Shawn McNulty and Isaac Arvold

Fox Tax Gallery 1040 Re-arted Opening Reception Party