Shawn McNulty Art Artist

Textured Abstract Painting Modern Striation

Textured Abstract Painting Modern Striation by Shawn McNulty #modernart

Acrylic and Pumice on Canvas
Shawn McNulty ©2018
30 x 30"
gallery wrapped canvas with painted sides - 1½" deep - ready to hang
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"Striation is part of my Striations series which was on exhibit at Rosalux Gallery in April 2018. It has a floating organic form similar to Station. Striation has to do with the grooves and patterns that form on a rock because of erosion, and can also refer to the dark and light bands of a myofibril muscle. This painting felt the most exemplary example of the series, so it got the title track treatment. There is a strong geological feeling to this work, although the red sections could be human muscle or a circulatory system. I had a hard time determining jurisdiction on this painting, and it does work from any perspective." - Shawn McNulty